Skilled in any advertising and promotion printing

Our strength is to propose advanced and innovative solutions both in terms of technology and material, combining creativity and technology.

We are always looking for ultimate generation technologies that can meet the ever-evolving needs of our customer, ensuring a decisive plus in the project.

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At the cutting edge in Publishing Management, flexible and on demand at any single request.

The CAST snc created by Epifani and Groppo, as commercial company for any type of print, was born in February 1992 by the union of ten years experience gained by the two partners in a lithographic company. Later the company specializes in the study and production of paper products such as counters (for drugstores and perfumeries) floor display (for supermarkets), window signs, cases.

Market demands, increasingly demanding in terms of time and quality, lead to the decision to switch from marketing to direct production.

So, in 1997, with the purchase of an industrial warehouse, machinery and hiring staff, the company is transformed from CAST s.n.c. Graphic Management to CAST s.r.l. Industrie Grafiche.



Environment and sustainable management of natural resources respectful

Plant management is conducted in accordance with the principles of continuous improvement and environmental efficiency sought by adopting an internal system that uses the following tools considered appropriate and effective: Initial environmental analysis; Environmental education of all employees; Environmental safety plan; Environmental monitoring program.

This structured management system allows us to improve our environmental performance and therefore minimize the impact of production on the environment.  CAST Srl Industrie Grafiche has also got the certification FSC® (licence code FSC-C100186)


Safe and reliable partners, not just suppliers.

Over the years, thanks to our spirit of service, to our initiatives and above all, not beeing simple suppliers but close collaborators we grew up and, with great satisfaction from our customers, we became their partners.


Maximum quality in every print, by shape and size.


Reactive and dynamic, always respecting the delivery terms.

CAST Srl Industrie Grafiche

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